Anne Abernethy

Founder & Creative Director

Reason, Season, Lifetime 

Throughout my adult life I have often been asked to speak at birthday parties, weddings, funerals and conferences. I have made people laugh and made people cry. That's because I love to paint pictures with words, take my audience on a journey and make people feel special, warm and happy.


So now I am a celebrant! If you are celebrating life, love, death or anything in between then allow me to accompany you on whatever particular journey you are on!


I represent people, from all walks of life, from all over the world, all ages and I warmly welcome same sex clients.

I work predominately in the Auckland region and happy to travel further out if required. 

Let me be part of your celebration. No matter what the occasion, we will have fun!



Unforgettable memories

don and julie 2_edited.jpg

From our first meeting with Anne we felt as ease straight away, and  we knew we had found the right celebrant for us.We worked together writing our vows.We couldn't have got through our ceremony without her confidence in us and guidence ensuring everything went smoothly..

Julie and Don


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